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Quality dance instruction, technique & artistry

Quality dance instruction, technique & artistryQuality dance instruction, technique & artistry




Dance Tot Program, Ages 2-5

Age 2  $45  per month
Age 3  $45  per month  

Age 4  $45 per month

ACRO TOT  $45 per month

Tot Duo package $75 per month for any two Tot Classes per week

AcroTot Classes added. See Live Schedule HERE for details

Come ROLL, FLIP and WIGGLE with us! 

This class is perfect for new students ages 2-4 and for existing Dance Tots that would like to add a class to their weekly schedule. Multiple class discounts are now available for our TOTS! 

Children will enjoy learning a Tap/Ballet foundation while tip-toeing, tapping and twirling through a series of creative dance movement exercises designed to enhance creativity, expression and dance technique!


Mighty Mini Classes, Ages 5-7

$65 per month single class

$110 per month duo

$165 per month trio

$200 per month unlimited

For children ages 5-7, students will enjoy learning a solid technical foundation in Ballet, Broadway Beat, Contemporary, and PDR while studying in a fun class environment with teachers who are passionate about dance and excited to share their love of dance with children in the community!


Junior Classes, Ages 8-12

$75 per month single class

$135 per month duo

$195 per month trio

$250 per month unlimited

Students form ages 8-12 in these classes will have the opportunity to study Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, PDR and Broadway Beat. The focus in these classes is on developing a solid technical foundation while nurturing each student's creative expression!


Teen Classes

$80 per month single class

$150 per month duo

$225 per month trio

$300 per month unlimited

Students form ages 12-20 will have the opportunity to study Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop and Tap.   The DanceWorks faculty is committed to providing exceptional training to develop technically proficient artists prepared for the rigors of collegiate and professional dance careers!



This class is designed to safely train students in the art of Aerial Silks. This class is available for Mini, Junior, & Teens. 

Please note this class is NOT included in unlimited tuition or discount tuition packages. This class may be added to any other tuition package at $25 per month. Single class rate:  


Adult Classes

For students ages 18 + 

Whether continuing your dance training or starting classes for the first time, our Adult program is for you.

Tap, Ballet, Hip Hop, Aerial Silks

$65 per month single class

$110 Duo per month

$150 Unlimited per month

Drop In Rate for ALL classes is $20

Class Descriptions



The classical dance style that is the foundation for all other dance techniques and disciplines.


A combination of Jazz, Ballet and Modern technique with an emphasis on emotion and storytelling.


The classic dance style that is influenced by the trends of today, Broadway, Funk and African techniques.


Tap classes are designed to develop style, rhythm and technique.  Learn combinations and steps while implementing choreography and having fun!

Hip Hop

Students in this class will find their groove while learning hip hop fundamentals to upbeat music.

Broadway Beat

A Fusion of Tap and Theatrical Jazz technique.  Influenced by the work on Broadway, students will develop a strong foundation in Tap and Theatrical Jazz that will prepare them for the STAGE!



 In this class students will be working on conditioning, extension and flexibility, as well as learning a variety of acrobatic skills, and beginner tumbling techniques.

Important Information ~ Please Read

DanceWorks of Art Recital 2020 June 6 & 7

Annual non-refundable Registration Fee is $30 for all students 

and is due upon registration for the start of the Fall Season.

Please note that there is NO registration fee for short session or summer programs. 

Full tuition payment is due with registration for all summer programs offered between 

June10 - August 15, 2019. These fees are non-refundable.

$15 Referral Credit will be issued to your account as credit, 

when you refer a new student and they complete their registration for classes.

Performance Company Dancers will be charged an additional $25 as a monthly rehearsal fee.

Please note, there are NO refunds for tuition for Fall Season, Short Session or Summer Programs.